2019 Investigations

march 29th - 30th

This event is for 12 years of age and older.  Join us as we investigate and tour three locations in one of the most haunted counties in the world--Richland County, Ohio.

On Friday evening, you will have the opportunity to join us at the Fireman's Museum in Mansfield, Ohio.  During the day on Saturday, you can take a tour of OSR with us and then investigate the Historic Gill House that evening.  


april 20th

Join BSR Paranormal this month for a public investigation at Haunted South Main School in Bowling Green, Ohio.  We will also be checking out a local cemetery, but due to security reasons, we cannot reveal the locations until that evening

Let's find out together who if the janitor is still working, if a teacher is still teaching, or if there are any students left!


may 4th and 5th

Para-Cryptid Tours & Investigations will be at the ParaPsyCon on Saturday, May 4th, and Sunday, May 5th.  Stop by and say hello and get some information about us and our upcoming events!

For more information on the ParaPsycCon, click the button below, you WON'T be disappointed


june 7th - 10th

Join us at the 1st Annual Women's Para-Retreat Weekend in Mansfield, Ohio from Friday, June 7th through Monday, June 10th.

We offering a variety of packages from just the Ohio State Reformatory Investigation up to spending the entire weekend with us!  For more information, visit http://www.bsrparanormal.com/women-s-para-retreat-weekend-.html or to purchase a package, click the button below

1st annual women's para-retreat weekend

june 29th

Join BSR Paranormal for another adventure this weekend!  This time, they will be visiting the Bellaire House in Bellaire, Ohio.

If is one of the most haunted locations and has been featured on several tv shows and is one of the top sought after locations to investigate.  


july 13th

Come celebrate Jenn's birthday with her at Madison Seminary this weekend!  

Madison Seminary is one the most active locations in the Cleveland area, so much so that some teams visit 2-3 times per year!  Upon speaking with the manager recently, he said the activity has really picked up!  Come see who waiting to meet us.


july 26 th and 27th

This time we're heading north to Ypsilanti & Willis, Michigan with BSR Paranormal.

Friday night, we will investigating the Michigan Firehouse Museum and on Saturday, we will be investigating The Willis House Inn.

The Willis House Inn is one of the most active Bed & Breakfasts in Michigan.  Some visitors have checked in, but have never check out!


August 24th & 25th

Join us, both nights, or one night, as we investigate Hill View Manor on Saturday, August 24th, and Farnam Manor on Sunday, August 25th.

Hill View Manor started out as a poor farm and in the late 1960's it was converted to a nursing home.  We're sure some of the residents never left and still roam the empty hallways.  

Farnam Manor is an investigation for 10 years of age and older.  We have been told all the spirits here are friendly and love to communicate!  For package information, click on the button below (coming soon)


September 27 & 28th

During World Ghost Hunting Day, we will be investigating Thornhaven Manor again!   This is one of our favorite locations in Indiana to investigate.

Once again, we will be co-hosting the event with BSR Paranormal and SIGH (Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters).  We will be offering tours of the house during the day, all age investigations, overnight investigations, and possibly speakers and vendors on Saturday, September 28th.  

Stay tuned for all our activities during the weekend!

october 18th & 19th

Join us on this one of a kind cryptid adventure and A Very Haunted Evening with SIGH & BSR Paranormal.

On Friday, October 18th, you will join the NADP (North American Dogman Project) for a Dogman investigation in Germantown.  Meeting location tbd

Saturday evening, we will be hosting a variety of events at Poattown Elementary School.  You can come in for the evening and listen to our adventures while having pizza, you can investigate or do both!  One investigation is 13 years & older and the other is for 18 years & older.  

2019 Special Events


This event will be held on June 7th - 10th, 2019 in Mansfield, Ohio.

We will be investigating Malabar Farms and Ohio State Reformatory Prison.  

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Women's Para-Retreat Packages