Jenn Jacobs, Owner and Lead Investigation Guide

why i started Para-Cryptid tours and investigations


We all work hard for our money and I want those curious about the paranormal, who are just starting out, or who have been doing this for years to have a reasonably price company to investigate with that offers more than just the investigation.

For example, there are locations that I will be offering chauffeured rides to and from the investigation site.  If there is a historic location or a tourist destination close by, or on the way, we will stop there as well or we may even spend the night.  I want this to more of a mini-vacation, instead of rushing to and from the investigation.

who i am


I work for a psychiatric hospital and I have three children, two of whom are already involved in the paranormal.  My daughter ghost hunts, my oldest son enjoys the cryptid side, and we'll have to wait and see which side peaks my youngest son's interest!   

As for me, I have been seeing and sensing things since I was 4 years old.  The first spirit I saw was an Elemental looking my mom's bedroom window at me smiling.  My grandparents house was haunted and at one time,  I lived in a house that was built in the 1800's and was part of the underground railroad.  Professionally, I have been  for around 8 years, doing both private homes/businesses and public venues.  In 2010, I started with a local team in Indiana and in 2013, I decided to venture out on my own and formed BSR Paranormal.  

In 2016, I became the Indiana State Representative of the North American Dogman Project (NADP).  In 2018, I started Para-Cryptid Tours and Investigations and the Michiana Paranormal Fair in Goshen, Indiana, which will be held yearly during the third weekend in May.

In 2019, I will hosting the 1st Annual Women's Para-Retreat in Mansfield, Ohio.  This event will be moving locations yearly so that if you can't come one year, maybe it will close enough you can the next.  I would love to see this become a world wide event celebrating the women in the paranormal field.

my promise to you


My promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to give you an investigation you will never forget, the best investigation guides in the field, and the best possible rate for an investigation.  

I do not charge you anymore per ticket to investigate than if you would come with my team.  The additional costs for an investigation comes from paying our guides, our liability insurance, paperwork, the extras we give you during an investigation, your hotel room if we spend the night, and the chauffeured ride if we offer it for a particular event.