Brandy Reader, Investigation Guide

who i am

I  am a single mom of two young ladies, whom I love dearly!  Often times you will hear me refer to my girls as my midgets. Between the two of them, they definitely keep me on my toes and laughing! I enjoy the fact that they are polar opposites, yet their love and compassion is one in the same!  

paranormal background

My first memory of communicating with spirits is when I was 6 years old.   My sister and I were spending the night with our grandma and grandpa in Fort Wayne, Indiana--this was the very first time my parents had gone out on a date, they weren't the type to pawn us off on family or a sitter.

It was time for bed, so my sister and I took-up camp in our grandparents chairs, falling asleep shortly after going to bed. In the meantime, their phone rang. I popped up and said "Uncle Andy died", my grandma was furious and told me to shut up and go to sleep. Once she answered the phone I heard a shreak, "NOOOOOO!!!", that phone call was to inform them my Uncle had been hit by a drunk semi driver while on his motorcycle. 

A week or so later my mom was going to pick up my dad from work, as they loaned out their car to my dad's brother who had flown home from Germany for the funeral. I begged my mom to go with her, but she insisted I stay home. I didn't want her to leave because I was worried she would get hurt--my mom was hit by a drunk semi driver on the exact same road, in the exact same spot, just traveling the opposite direction. She wasn't wearing her seat belt and the car crunched to about 3 feet. Surprisingly my mom survived, she said she felt someone hug her. I remember telling her... "It was Uncle Andy mom"!   

Twenty four years later, my youngest daughters first experience was with my Uncle Andy, whom my girls didn't know existed! She had been playing in the toy room while I was doing dishes. Suddenly I heard her say... "OUCH... THAT HURT"! I told her to come here. I asked what hurt and  and she said, " My moster... Him bite me"! So, I say let me see. As she brings her arm up I noticed there were more teeth than what she had and they weren't a dog's teeth. From there I continued to ask questions... What were you doing... Why did he but you?! She hesitantly told me "Him bite me because I'm climb on my dresser... I'm ... I'm trying to get you ball." I wasn't exactly thrilled as that ball was my Uncle Andy's last home run ball that he was bringing me before he got into the accident! I immediately asked her "What do you do with your moster?" Izzy replied ,"Him teach me how to fro a ball!" At this point... I'm in shock because I could never figure out how she knew how to throw a ball so well... But I was about to learn! I asked Izzy what her monsters name was and she immediately said," hims name is Uncle Andy!" I was about to go outside to breath and Izzy says, " Mom, how come when him gets a bloody nose... Him wipes it all over him face?!" I was floored.  Before Izzy was born, actually when I was in labor with my oldest daughter Mazy, I was unfortunately given the wrong IV fluid, which caused me to code. My family had all gone to the cafeteria, as the doctor had said it would be about 5 hours. In the meantime, I could hear all the doctors and nurses surround me, but I couldn't move. All of the sudden there was a bright light and I heard my grandma say , " Don't worry hunny... You'll be ok!" Mind you, my grandma had passed away in Valentine's Day that year.   These are just a few of my experiences, though the most memorable. I grew up with an amazing in family. Especially my mom! She was a quarter Native American, therefore,  being very open about spirits and the after life!  

In my  most recent position in the paranormal community, I managed the Old Blackford County Jail and Ervin/Campbell Speakeasy in Hartford City, Indiana, as well as the Official Randolph County Asylum/Infirmary in Winchester, Indiana! I absolutely loved being a part of giving a voice to those that once roamed these historic buildings. I take pride in being able to tell the stories of the past through research, in turn being able to interact with the spirits that remain and/or visit! I feel it's necessary to know the truth in order to communicate with spirits on a personal level. While doing research, I have been able to capture the interest of our younger generation.   In turn spiking their grades in both History and English! It's exciting to see the passion in children's eyes and hunger to know more about the history that surrounds them.    

I'm beyond excited and thankful to be a part of The Women's Para-Retreat Family, my friends, and to work with Jenn Jacobs as an Investigation Guide.                      

my promise to you

My promise to you is to share my knowledge and paranormal experience in hopes of making your experience memorable! As with life, everyone investigates different ways and with different equipment. In saying this, I will share my knowledge and preferences with you and am willing to learn as well.