Barb Wyatt, Lead Investigation Guide

Who i am

I'm married, a mother of one son, I am blessed with a three year old  granddaughter and a second grandchild on the way.  I have been an  Orthodontic Assistant for a family practice for twenty-three years and  still reside in my hometown of Seymour,  Indiana. 

Paranormal Background

I have been interested, and intrigued, by the paranormal and supernatural  for as long as I can remember. 

Growing up as a toddler, and living on a  Native American burial ground, I had many paranormal experiences before  the age of ten.  As a teenager,  I began reading and studying everything I could find on the subject and continued studying into adulthood. I  started actively investigating in 2008 with my Paranormal Partner in crime, Debbie Jansen. In 2008, we were asked to join the Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters by founder Mike Flickner and have been investigating as a  group ever since.  I am a Lead Core Investigator, the group Case Manager,  Public Relations and Researcher. I also work very closely with Mike in putting our videos together. 

I have given presentations on the  paranormal, set-up and hosted group events, run investigations, assisted in the writing of two books about SIGH, I manage the SIGH Facebook pages and  the Save The Crump page. I have done between 75-100 investigations since joining SIGH and I am now extremely proud to be a  part of The Women's Para-Retreat Family with Jenn Jacob's as a Lead Tour  Guide.                      

My promise to you

My promise to you is to use my knowledge and paranormal background to help you have a safe and memorable experience.  I will treat you with the utmost respect and to answer any questions regarding the field, the investigation sites, and the equipment to the best of my ability.